Tuesday, 5 August 2008

the winners are.....

I was so excited to do this post but Blogger is not letting me upload pictures today, and I so want to dazzle you with images. What good is a post without pictures? Lies is correct, we are on a craft making spree and we have much to share at the moment but I can't do it, DRAT! (stomps foot). Okay hissy fit over.

Since the text is working, I can still announce the winners of the paper doll draw. That's the more exciting thing anyway. Thanks again for everyone for your comments, I enjoyed each and everyone!

To save myself for writing out 42 numbers on scraps of paper, I used an online random number picker and it chose numbers 6 33 18 21 and 28.

congratulations to:

6: Jannelle from Heartfelt who will get Clover
33: Calee who will get Daisy
18: Kristin82 who will get Daisy
21: Liv from Lillysmakebelive who will get Daisy
28: Claudia who will get Daisy

Daisy was a popular doll! Or maybe the random number generator has a secret bias towards daisy loving contestants :). Thanks again to everyone for playing, if you totally missed out this time, we will do more giveaways in the future. For those winners, please email me at
anemone (dot) craft@gmail (dot) com
with your name and address, and I will get these Dolls in the post to you soon. Also winners please leave a comment here as well so I know you saw this :)

Cheers! I will get back later in the week with pretty pictures, just as soon as blogger sorts itself out. Have a good one and keep well.


lilysmakebelieve said...

Oh my goodness. Hoorah hoorah! I'm so excited! Thank you so much Kimberlee!

Kirsten said...

Hey congratulations to the winners!!!
That was such a cool thing to do Kimberlee - you are a sweetie.

Calee said...

Yippee! I never win stuff. I'll send you an email and thanks for dropping by my blog. Reading your posts make me wish I was more adept with the fingers.

Heart Felt said...

Yay! You have made my day! xx

Claudia said...

Thanks! Daisy is a nice girl, that's why she's so popular. :D
And thank you for helping keeping my faith in a better August.