Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Starving Artist Fund

Art Space gallery had a starving artist fund fair today to help raise money for an $2000 artist grant they give away each year. Last year Sam Hamilton won and used the money to record sounds of the amazon rain forest, so as you can tell its a very worthy cause.

The event is set up sort of like a school galla with different stations/ booths in which you can buy something interesting and have a unique experience, and of course all the procedes go towards the fund.

Craftwerk was there with an old fashioned silhouette booth where people could get a their portrait traced -fabulous idea, eh! This is the clever sign they made to go along with it. Can you read it?

Local artist/hairstylist 'cellulite' Rose gave me a much needed trim (this is just the before shot when all my hair was still tucked into the cape, so no, I have not had a chop). The after shot is nothing to speak of and unnecciary since one would need a microscpoe to measure the change -just how I like it!

My beautiful friend Emma was much more bold, and I really like the results. She as epic hair, so no matter what she does, the results are favorable.

Lieveke, Lies and I had much fun at the 'build your own vegetable animal ' booth.

this 'pussy cat' was masterminded by Lieveke but assembled by lies and me.

I found these toast racks at the junk booth, but I have found another use for them:) They will have their card holding christening this Thurday night at Craftwerk. We hope to see some of you there.

Also if you won the Paper Doll draw, I sent them out on friday so start checking your letter boxes soon:) If you missed out and you are local, my paper dolls will be at the Craftwerk at a very low price ($5 basically just to cover costs) so here is your second chance.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


petal said...

What a great idea for using toast racks. Hope you sell lots of Thursday.

Heart Felt said...

Clover arrived today, she is adorable! Thanks so much for the wee extras...they are so cool! xx

Nikki said...

The fair looked awesome. Remember the silhouette thing from school fondly.


Paper Dolls for Boys said...

What a great cause. Guilt-free spending of money and time!

Your friend got a great cut. She's gutsy. I've always been a "just a trim" girl like you but I'm beginning to think short. Gasp.