Monday, 19 February 2007


The weekend was sunny and sweetly breezy... Wonderful light this time of year: the green outside is lit-up in a thousand shades. Here`s how pretty the terrace looks :

No crafting apart from a bit of unsatisfactory baby-hat-sewing (the inside jeansy-material is just too sturdy for little ones I feel) on saturday morning... I`m now washing the denim with lots of fabric softener and then will tumble it in the dryer, see if that helps...
There are a couple-a-gals who`ve showered us with generous gifts. Ta so much! I love warm ethnic floral prints and beautiful Hana picked up on this. From her trip to Indonesia she brought back a batik-top for Lieveke with crochet edges. She also gave a fab bag that belonged to her gran. Oooh yippy pretty.
I`m a bit of a knitter at times and gentle Emily decided to help a little : she gave Kimberlee and me some gorgeous yarn. Kimberlee will use the thin purple-variegated wool for I-pod covers (can`t wait to see!) and I kept the rich fantastic earthy yarn, -all my favorite colors together! I think I`ve just enough for a shabby-chic winter coat for Lieveke.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

thanks for all your post lately Lies! Its funny to be surpised/ excited to see new posts when checking my own blog! I am recharging the batteries for the digi cam (I had to buy a us/nz adapter first, hence the delay)and will be posting soon, I know I am way over due.
love you! and thanks for all your support lately!
ps I found lievie's cup in our car and its currently swirling around in the dishwasher. I will return it soon!

kate Shuttleworth said...

all so beautiful!! I love the brightness and life!!

Anonymous said...

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