Monday, 5 February 2007

Two tops

Loooong time no blog for me due to move and internet-acces-trouble. It has been sorted! So HELLO again. I have been sewing every so often though, just to not loose my touch. I made a top for myself with some very old flowery fabric. I generally don`t make stuff for myself because it takes sooo long to make adult clothes, as I`m used to making the baby outfits - much quicker and if it doesn`t work out I can always do it over just as fast. Also I never work from a pattern and that makes my sewing always a bit of an adventure (or: disaster!) Making this top (saw a similar thing in a-way-too-expensive-shop) turned out to be not that difficult, reasonably fast and it`s actually quite comfy to wear! I`m dreaming of making a dress now... Yay!
A friend sent me a package with lovely vintage fabrics. Amongst them was a little hanky with the sweetest embroidery. The hanky was a bit worn but soon found a new place for the embroidery : on a plain singlet of my little daughter! Et voila!