Wednesday, 14 February 2007


No, we did not make this stuff!! Our dear friend Hana did and isn't it beautiful?!?! Check out her new blog here to see more. She is also unveiling her new line at the next craftwerk (Auckland) which is Saturday March 17, from 1-4 pm and is to be held at Britomart as part of AK'07.

Here is the official news from our coordinator, Sam:.finally the announcement of the next auckland Craftwerk!!!! To happen on march 17 from 1- 4pm, it will be a part of an auckland festival event organised by the winners of the westpac young producers competition. The event is called Ripped and will be held at Britomart square with an outdoor stage, a "rockNroll" area in britomart pavilion and an "indie" space inside The Famous Speigeltent (which is a 1920's touring circus tent and Marlene Dietrich played in it in the 30s). Just like a usual Craftwerk there will acoustic/folk/indie bands, unfortunately the bands are not yet confirmed, but its likely there will be 3 to 4 bands playing 20 mins sets.

I hope many of you can make it as it sounds like extra fun this time. I think there will be more stalls which means more crafty goodness created by local artist and designers, all handmade and original!!! Of course Lies and I will be there under Anemone so come and say hello.

I have been crafting a lot these days because I'm trying to take advantage of what's left of my free time before school starts, hence my silence as of late. Thankfully there's two of us! and Lies has been posting all her goodies to keep you entertained and inspired. If only my craft burst included things to sell but, alas, I've just been making things for me! Mainly I have been knitting which is always an adventure and will post pictures of the tunic/vest when I am finished. But today I vow to make things for the stall so I must crank out some cards, envelopes, ipod covers and handbags! The knitting is on hold and self control is the key.

Happy Love Day to all you readers! Make St. Valentine proud and give kisses to those you hold dear!!


ps Thanks for all your comments recently, we are always very encouraged to get some feedback and know we are not just posting for our own amusement! There are people reading this! Many of you seemed interested in some of the things we have been making, reckon we should set up an online store? show of hands please.


pepperfly said...

oooo yes please, an online store would be fabulous!

rhiannon said...

*raises hands* I never have any money, but I do think it's a good idea!

Helen said...

You could always just keep posting goodies on the blog and write which ones are available for sale (within NZ) - then interested peeps could email you and set up and internet banking payment to pay for it...?

Just an idea - but however you do it - go for it! from small acorns...and all that...

x Helen

Fiona said...

i don't know how setting an online store works, but i give it a try! :-)