Thursday, 15 February 2007


Here she is performing an intricate bead-dance. Thanku my Lieveke.

Here`s my sewing corner with beautiful gladiola-flowers. Thanku my Gabriel.

Thanku blogfriends for your suggestions and encouraging echo`s.
I am thinking of a friend who just had bad news. I`m thinking of another, from long ago, who was wondering how I was. I`m also thinking of my papa and mama, family and friends in on the other side, in Belgium, I miss them so. Sometimes it`s a wee bit silent in me ... Sometimes stuff is just friggin` difficult, but that`s alright... Ah I dunno, I`m just so clumsy when it comes to writing... `t Is not my language you see... This poem by J.K. Baxter says so much more and helps me come to terms with my new New Zealand life :

I do not relish the role of David, in confronting that Goliath,
who numbs the soul wherever he touches it.
But I find myself curiously, perhaps absurdly, cast in that role.
And the five water-warn stones I choose from the river to put in my sling,
are five spiritual aspects of Maori community life
-arohanui, the love of many;
-manuhiritanga : hospitality to the guest and stranger;
-Korero : speech that begets peace and understanding;
-matewa : the night life of the soul;
-mahi : work undertaken from communal love;
I do not know what the outcome of the battle will be.
My aim may be poor.
But I think my weapons are well chosen.

Well said J, eh? Aaaah sugars! When in doubt craft, and so I made these pinafores for the upcoming Cratfwerk. Both are in a white linen fabric. one with circle-embroidery, the other with silver rimmed tiny holes, as if some pixy had a day of perforating magic.


ruth said...

It can be hard being away from family and friends (I'm doing that at the moment too), I also craft when in doubt. It can be a great consolation. Your little pinafores are gorgeous.

melissa said...

beautiful pinafores. i found it very hard to live away from my home country a few years ago... it is such a challenge to stay strong. i know your beautiful daughter, partner and craftiness will help though.
Kia kaha, Lies.
p.s. love those fairy-kissed dresses!

Helen said...

I applaud anyone who finds themselves living on the other side of the world from their family! Challenges aplenty - but I am so happy you are in NZ!

Loving your clever crafts and your delightful blog - you guys cheer up my eyes daily.

x Helen

fiona said...

I don't feel alone anymore now that I know others have to struggle with living away from family as well. The 'pixy blown' dress is cute.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

poetry rocks