Thursday, 22 February 2007


How do you like our Anemone piccie on the left here? Aren`t they beautiful creatures? A bit hazy, a bit mystic, a bit dancing... Thanks Kimberlee for this! Hmmmm it`s sooo warm today puff puff. I made myself a refreshing drink : squeeze an orange and a couple of very ripe passionfruit into a glass, add some icecubes, some fresh mint and a tiny bit of water (or, for the daring : a scoop of vanilla icecream!!!), and SIP it up!

Here is my latest op-shop find, a chinese robe, yum yum hot pink, one of my favourite colors.
Et voici my new (thank you sales-godess) party dress, hot pink and yummier yummier black and gold. And what a coincidence, it`s reversable! When the golden silk is on the outside it turns into a very sleek tight gala thing. Drama!
Take a look at what I`m reading, Laura Esquivel`s Malinche. I lived in Mexico`s Oaxaca for a while and have very strong and yet fond memories of it. This book is inspired on the ancient Mexica tradition of codices : rather than writing the peoples of Mexico drew their mythic and godly stories in a codex on a stone disc or a cloth scroll, which was passed down from generation to generation and which allows us now to imagine vividly their times. Oh and here`s how the knitting is coming along.

Shhhh, here is NZ`s Michael Harlow with `Cassandra`s daughter ':
Cassy for short.
We`re discussing the color green
and why. And how last night
in her dreamtime a wooden horse
appeared. And look- how the wind
puts shivers in the water, shaking
the keys in their locks.
Only five years old, she is
already in love with how
one word wants another
with astonishing ease.
Inside the alphabet now,
inside the lining of a word
she asks me as we sit
on the garden wall under
a plum-coloured sun : why
were you born at seven o` clock
that night? I was a morning baby
my mum says, the best kind.
I was born with my eyes open,
you see? Would you like to
hear me sing? I can almost dance,
too. Would you? I can hear that
she knows, Priam`s daughter,
all her years to heaven-
that every word was once
a poem, isn`t it?

And here are my reversable kids-hats : print on the one side, (grrr sturdy, but tamed after a wash and a tumble) dark blue denim on the other. Both hats are a plus one year old size. I have to say, I think the cow print is one of my all-time-favo funky kiddy prints. Am very looking forward to the Massey-fair next week oh golly still lots to sew! Come see our goodies! Come?

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fiona said...

the anemone is pinky pretty! I wish I could go to all the fairs I read about in blogs. Happy sewing!