Friday, 2 February 2007

Safety First

As a late Christmas present from a our dear friends, we received a red Healing 10 spd bike. 'One less car' is our new motto for 2007 though I am terribly afraid to ride it on the streets of this bike unfriendly city. There are no bike lanes (not that I recall anyway) and I have seen cars mercilessly ride up on bikes and honk at the riders who are already going as fast as they can. Yikes! Now our bike is finished with its tune-up and supposedly road ready but I'm nervous about riding it home from the repair shop. Yesterday I got this new helmet but instead of going to pick up the bike afterwards as planned, I went to the fabric shop! What a wuss! Sewing is so much safer though. I took these photos of myself wearing my helmet to boost my confidence (an idea I got from Rhiannon). Tell me how safe I look.

In more craft related news, I started the go-go dress I mentioned in a previous post and it is going swimmingly. I initially made it far to big but managed to take it in a few sizes. So bring out the white boots! I will post photos when it is finished. Also Lies has recently made a few things and as soon as I receive photos from her, I will put them up as well. She has been moving house and doesn't have her usual computer access hence the silence from her lately.

All for now,


rhiannon said...

You look wonderfully safe, and much more stylish than I do in my dorky helmet. You've got one of those 'cool' helmets, I have once that dorky people wear. I'll take a photo next time and show you.
See, taking photos alaways makes you feel better.
And yay go-go dress! I can't wait. I'm busy churning out hoodies, but I'll have to start on dresses soon.

Becky said...

Smashing! Although I hope not literally.

Fiona said...

I wanna see the dress! :-)