Sunday, 4 February 2007

VA-VOOM! introducing the mini dress

Here it is.... my first ever homemade dress. So there are the obvious imperfections; a hem line that doesn't meet up evenly around the zip, some very shaky white trim, and bumpy side seams caused by the down sizing work I had to do. But the way I see it, these little charms are visible lessons learned and since it is still wearable, I am happy. Oh and yes, it is ultra short so I wear little black shorts underneath to keep the obscenity to a minimum. :)

Here's three cheers for vintage patterns! I am officially on the hunt for more.



rhiannon said...

that looks awesome! well done! (And this might seem a little creepy but you have wonderful legs for it too. I have leg envy!).
I have a ka-jillion vitage patterns (think boxes full!), so let me know what types of things you're looking for and i'll send you some. : )

Fiona said...

va va voom it is! What a sexy number! Looks great on you! :-)