Monday, 12 February 2007

Le bag and les hats

During the last Craftwerk-fair lots of people were drawn to the colorful and bright hats I made. Alas! Most only realised when holding the wee hatties that they only came in baby sizes... Ok! This time no-one can be dissapointed : for the next fairs I`m sewing a series of ADULT bags and hats! To figure out the right sizes I`ve had to trouble family and friends `uh oh do ya mind a little fit?` I was surprised (well, really...) to find out that almost every-one has a fairly unique head-size. Bon, I went for small (my size and older kids`), medium (my friends Tess and Kimberlee are the models) and large (Gabriel, when we were pregnant we participated in some research thing and it turned out that Gabe had the largest head the nurse had ever measured! Hee hee X). I unconsciously seem to have chosen an over-all green theme for my adult gear. The hats are reversable (my trade mark) and on the even-colored side I`ve machine-appliqued some vignettes, as shown in the rather blurry (sorry bad old but well loved darling digi-cam) close-up of the owls. All items have been puzzled, as usual, out of my own patterns, yes. Sorry no, we won`t be going to Craft 2.0 - I wish we were, but we`re based in Auckland and my money-purse is sooo skinny... It`s definitely something to work towards!

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Helen said...

Lovely hats - that owl motif is adorable - and yummy bag, too.

Have fun at the Aklnd craftwerk.

x Helen