Tuesday, 27 February 2007


A little Sparrow flew by and dropped these lovelies in my mail box and Lies and I could not be more thrilled. SO THANK YOU Kimberley special K for the beautiful jewelry. Check out more of her jewelry here.

Lies and I have been very busy getting ready for the craft fair tomorrow and haven't had much time to post . We did take a break on Saturday avo to meet up with our friend Emily, otherwise known as the knitting master, to get a tutorial on knitting socks. She is such a patient teacher and soon Lies and I were knitting in miniature and a complicated way I never thought possible -with four tiny sticks as needles and some very fine string like yarn. I have not made any progress on my sock since that day (have you Lies?) but at least now I know how. I will never under estimate the complexity of socks again.

Okay I must go, I have a life drawing class in a half an hour and I am no where near ready! More to come about the market day!