Tuesday, 20 February 2007

photo therapy

Last week was a hard one for being away from your home country. Lies first posted about feeling homesick for Belgium and not long after that I received some sad news from my family back in North America that made me want to be with them so badly. I was out of sorts for a while but as soon as I was feeling more like myself, I took a few pictures of things around my house that make me smile. I call it photo therapy, and I swear there is something to it. Maybe its the physical act of capturing a blessed moment that makes you feel better, or maybe it's in the way the camera helps you see things through different eyes, or maybe its just a distraction. Anyway, here are a few photos from around our apartment.

'The Yosh' clowning around per usual

bottles that look pretty in the light and remind me of the dear friends who emptied them :)

Pictures of my sweetie pie niece

The lonely palm tree that lives on our patio

Well that's all for now. I will be posting many photos this week of projects I am finishing for the upcoming market day. Also thanks for your responses to the online store question, good suggestions and its nice to know the level of interest. I would never want to use this blog as a sales push, but we are looking into making things available if people are interested.



Beebee Mod said...

I found your lovely site! Thanks for your compliments about my dress. I emailed you also, but feel free to write about, show pictures, whatever! I am flattered!

Kate Shuttleworth said...

i love photos too - i always feel a bit better after seeing them and using them to tell a story or something :)